Meet The Cast

Name: LaToya Morgan
Hometown: Augusta, GA
Character: Queen Yellow, performing

“My Plea”

LaToya discovered her passion for acting while attending John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School in Augusta, GA. Throughout high school, LaToya took every acting class offered and performed in many stage productions. Her talent and love of acting was reinforced at Georgia State University where she majored in Communications with a Concentration in Broadcast Journalism and minored in Theatre.

During her years at GSU, LaToya was an active participant in the schools theatre department and had her first on set movie experience while interning as a Production Assistant with Rainforest Films.  Since graduating from GSU, LaToya has performed with several theatre organizations around Metro-Atlanta. She has also worked on several film and television productions.

LaToya’s talent and love for acting is her gift from God and she is excited to share her gift to minister and enrich the lives of others.  To be able to work with such a wonderful group of talented women has been a blessing!

Name: Anneka LaRobin
Hometown: Detroit, by way of Flint, MI.
Character: Queen Green, performing

“Too Soon & G.H.E.T.T.O”

Anneka is a gifted dancer and choreographer, as well as an advancing actress. Her love for both acting and dancing began as a small child who could mimic anything she saw. After being on the dance team, modeling troupe and in drama club in college, Anneka decided to really go forth and pursue her dreams of becoming a professional actress.

She had a brief stint in NY to chase her dreams and shortly thereafter  relocated to Atlanta, and it was there that she quickly began to progress in the world of acting. Within less than one year, Anneka has starred in five stage plays, has had supporting roles in two films, and she also serves as the Acting Co-Producer for S.H.E. SPITS.

Believing that with God all things are possible, Anneka is continuing to enjoy this journey on where she blazes a trail versus seeing where the trail takes her.

“I believe that we all were created for a purpose, and mine is to act. God will never give you a vision without provision. I’m just putting my faith to action and working on sharing my God-given gift with the world.” – AAM

Name: Valaira Sa-Ra Smith
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Character: Queen Red, performing

“SugarDaddy & I Am S.H.E.”

Valaira was born in Bronx, New York City of West Indian decent and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Having obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Management, she has developed both a passion for & commitment to, the world of fashion and entertainment at a very early age. As a model, vocalist, actress, and entrepreneur, her attraction & enthusiasm for the fashion and entertainment industry eventually grew into a vision to establish an Event Planning and Fashion Show Production Company. Valaira created her company VUE Entertainment because she wanted to combine her business experience and her love for entertainment and fashion in a creative away. The company produces fashion shows for fundraisers, promotional events, festivals, coordinates seminars/workshops and many more.

Valaira’s diverse artistic abilities & talents have created wonderful opportunities for her which includes: modeling for hair salons and hair shows, modeling apparel for various organizations such as The White House, Jessica McClintock, Express, Limited and Group USA. As a trained dancer, Valaira ignites the stage when combining techniques from African, Hip Hop, Jazz and Modern dance into complex dance performances. In Charlotte, North Carolina, she performed with the dance ensemble, The Street Diva’s. She has also performed with New York base African Dance Theatre Company Les Guirivoires.

Truly the Renaissance woman, Valaira is also an accomplished actress & has performed in New York City Off-Broadway original stage plays “Khepera” and “The Vengeance of Mami Wata.” She also landed a principal role starring as the infamous Deena Jones in the hit Stage Play “Dream Girls”. Currently she is a working actress and model. Through combining all of her skills and talents, Valaira loves to share her creativity in a positive, life affirming way. Through her talents and her company VUE Entertainment, she encourages individuals to dream BIG dreams and to never stop their pursuit of those dreams!

Name: Pacey Liz Walker
Hometown: Midway, AL
Character: Queen Purple, performing

“I Am S.H.E.& My Kinda Flava”

Pacey is extremely grateful to God for this opportunity to perform. She received her BA in Theater Arts from Alabama State University and she obtained her MFA in Acting from the University of Louisville. Pacey’s film and television credits include The Rosa Parks Story, How You Look to Me, Honeydripper, and I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. Her theater credits include Wit, Night Sky, For Colored Girls Who Have Committed Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf, The Winter’s Tale, and Brown Silk and Magenta Sunsets. Pacey thanks God for His perfect plan for her life. She also thanks her loving family and friends for their prayers and encouragement.

Copyright 2010 S.H.E. SPITS- The Play: 5 MC’S, 3 NIGHTS, 1 MIC:: All Rights Reserved:: Created by QueenDome Entertainment (QDE).

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    Cant wait to see the play!

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